Sunday, 28 July 2013

Updated background and added feature

 So my landscape from the tree house was looking really dull and not interesting all. I little moment hit me when my nephew was watching lion king and gave me the idea to add a rock like in  the film that over hung and i think it has worked pretty well. I've all moved the river slightly so it was easier to see and trees would just keep covering it up in the before photo.
I got a bit of feedback on this they was about how you  one sided the view was and needed something on the right. and the tree line on the left was too flat. So i went over it again with fixing these improvements.

I also added decals to the level to help bring the rocks together and look more natural than generic. I then got another feed back about been able to see the bases of the trees as it wasn't natural or common because they are at the edge of the forest so they will be more bushy and thicker. so i modelled a new thick tree to help blend this is and i feel it has really worked out well.

 I'm a lot more happier with this now and make dull down the rocks again just a tad because they are a little too dark. I also added another tree house to the scene its a distinct shape so i thought it be interesting to add that as well.

Decals make everything better!

My tree house was having issues with the base looking too new and so i decided to use my moss decals to make it blend in a bit more and I was really surprised how easy it was to add these decals i thought they was going to be a pain but nope was really simple for once.

Boring part of level
There wasn't much interest on the path and it was hard to make out the path going through the trees to the tree house so i needed to add something to break it up and i thought of having a build up on more rocks  to add more height level to it. Turned out really well  and makes the level alot more interesting and easier to follow to the tree house and as an extra exploration route.

I'm really happy with the way this level is turning out now and its made me realise that concepting  and following them completely sometimes creates bad choices. I keep asking my self lately what can i do to make this level better all the time and i feel having that creativity while doing this project makes it so much more fun for me.
Another idea that came to mind was a really quick one and that was to add benches to make it seem like this place has places to relax all over. Before this area felt very work driven.

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