Friday, 9 August 2013

Finishing up

 Lighting change and Effects

 So my original idea was a sunny morning with fog  but I can't seem to get the feeling right. I ended up having a play around with the other things I could do with CryEngine when having a bit of a break and found how to add silly amusing things like helicopters, but I ended up finding out how to add rain and lightening  so I changed the lighting to see what it would look like if a wet muddy level. See what it would look like with a cold feeling.  It looked really good made it feel more alive and gave me a reason to make the vegetation  blow in the wind a little more.

 The rain also gave me a reason to play around with lighting more because the level was a little darker now. So I went a head and modeled a lantern to add in areas to guide the player better. The level was also requiring a road because the path looked too dull.

 I'm really happy with the way the lantern light adds warm tones to the level. I feel it makes the level have more colour and less dull from the rain which I feel is more suitable. I feel I've drifted a bit from what i originally wanted but I'm pretty happy with it.

 Treehouse finished

 For some reason I had been avoiding this for a while. I think I may have got distracted  with the rest of my level that I forgot or was too lazy to add it in. Finally all the assets are explored which was really repeptive have to export each one. Wondering if there is a better way to export batches of assets. Possibly but its done now.

 I'm quite happy with this. I did want to add more but there wasn't much room to move around the space. I had to try keep it more playable to wonder around and see out the windows.

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