Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What am I aiming for?

After my presentation I got the feedback to work on one of the images I had shown (on the right) and develop the tree house from it. I'm pretty happy with this, it was one of my favorite images I had shown because of the style of the spiral stair cases and the silhouettes of them.

So I'm going to model the tree houses and the interior  to explore. I was planning on using UDK engine for this but I need to model and environment around it for the player to see to bring them in to this world with these tree houses. I've had terrible experience with the foliage brushes on UDK in my past rooftop project with it crashing my scene a lot. So I've been looking on Cry Engine and playing around on And I have to see I really love the engine and the features it gives me. Its so simple and easy to create terrain. And it seems perfect for what I want it for.

Back to the title then... What am I aiming for?

A realistic/semi stylized forest with cabins and a free house at the end with a view from the windows.
I want the player to be able to see from the start their goal and work their way through the forest to the tree houses. On their way I want the player to explorer interesting scenery like a rivers, path ways multiply roots to get to the end goal. Also to try keep it linear so the player doesn't get lost in the woods. I don't want no slender man to find them...

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