Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cry Engines sky

So while working on the layout of the map I found an annoying issue which bugged me. When you create a level Cry  engine gives you this default 24 time of day which really strong colours and moves really fast and can often make things hard to read in level. Like in midday the sun would be so bright the ground would be pure white and had no shadows and was just really horrible to work with.

Looking at the Time Of Day options there is tonnes of things you can do to with to make your own custom sky the way you want. I'm aiming for a foggy morning sort of look in the mountains. But anyways here is the time of day window and the list of customizations you can do to it.

I love how much you can change this at first I thought I'd get lost in all them but they are pretty easy to follow. First of though was the get rid of the time of day changing. I want my level to be consistent and not change to lunch time in the when I want a foggy morning.

On the tasks tab there is a tool that says reset to default. So i click that and it gave me a pretty plan white shadows snowy looking type of sky. Which is fine I can build on that. Also I set the time of day to 07:00 and set the play speed to 0 so it kept the sun in the morning sunrises position. The sun's position I can also change too on the lighting tab on the main screen. I changed it so the sun was in the right place to look over the lake and mountains when you look out of the tree house. Seemed liked a nice way to end the level. I can change this if need be though.

Using google for reference I searched for google mountains and the get the right sort of sky effect. The colours I was finding really stood out for me they seemed to fit what I wanted. I wanted to  try get something in between these two photos with orange sky and violet fog colour.
I'm pretty happy with the way this looks but  when you look up the sky dome is pure orange and looks horrible   I feel like I almost want to pure  a sign saying "Do not look up." But I need to change it. So I've played around with more reference and tried to go for a more bluey sky to keep the sky more realistic looking and Also trying to keep the colours too like the orange that reflects of the mountains from the sun and the purples lower down to make it seem cold. I'm pretty pleased with it I've saved the settings for both skys so I can switch back if I change my mind lately on.

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